“One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.” 

― Golda Meir, My Life

When we first set out to write a WWII history and writing curriculum to go with The Seabirds Trilogy, we had no idea that its release would come at such a dramatic or serious time in our nation’s history. (I never thought I would see the things I’ve seen over the last few months. At times, the parallels to the past were awe-inspiring. But in the word’s of Solomon, nothing is new under the sun!)

What began as a way to teach students about the importance of the Second World War and its aftermath is now a remarkably timely foundation for understanding current events, for students and parents alike.

Remember this, the further we move away from the Holocaust and other atrocities of the twentieth century, the greater we run the risk of forgetting the 20 million Jews, disabled, Eastern Europeans, Soviet prisoners of war, and political prisoners who died at the hand of Nazis. It is imperative that we teach the next generation what is at stake when we turn a blind eye to the oppressed, the disenfranchised, and the disabled. 

But, at a time when journalists, mobs, politicians, and educators would prefer to re-write, ignore, or diminish the events of the past through “new histories” and alternative facts, or silencing those who speak the truth, the closer we step to the precipice of repeating those exact same atrocities.

Consider the following: according to Newsweek, in 2018, one-third of Americans didn’t believe that 6 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, nearly half of Americans could not name a single concentration camp, and two-thirds of millennials could not explain what ‘Auschwitz’ was. White supremacist groups in the United States are on the rise. Neo-Nazi groups have increased by 20% from 2015 to 2018, and 11% of Americans polled have claimed that it is ‘acceptable’ to hold Neo-Nazi views.

Learning history matters. An understanding of the events of the past and their ramification for the present has the power to de-escalate tension and open the door to real communication and positive change. 

We are confident that The Seabirds Companion Curriculum will, in an age-appropriate learning environment, enlighten, inform, and prepare your student for adulthood, specifically in regards to the current challenges posed by the political and social climate. Maturity and wisdom are the product of diligent teaching, careful study, and real-life application in a faith-based environment. 

The 36-week long curriculum is designed to learn about the greatest conflict in human history through story, the testimony of those who survived, and award-winning films and documentaries. Along the way, students will sharpen their critical thinking skills, grow spiritually, and learn how to write a college-level historical research paper.  It covers all the high school humanities, so all you need to add is math and science and you are good to go for the year. 

The Seminar, a live zoom-class, is a wonderful opportunity to go through the curriculum in a group context with live-lectures, discussions, and personal TAs.

We believe that learning is most successful in a family environment. Your student will be covering heavy subjects, such as the Holocaust and the development of nuclear weapons. Keep the door open for any questions that might arise that provide an opportunity for growth emotionally and spiritually. As Christian educators, we do not shy away from hard questions. We believe that any opportunity to go to the Word and discover God’s best is an opportunity worth taking.

We hope that The Seabirds Companion Curriculum opens your student’s heart and mind to what God is doing in the world today and what He has done in recent history. We hope that through learning about the past, your high schooler will think about what God is calling him or her to do in the present and the future. 

*Our content is carefully curated to be what we consider age-appropriate and family-friendly. Nevertheless, we recommend parents review all material before their child to ensure it fits their maturity and educational needs. 

To order the Companion Curriculum, click here.

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