by Tal Haroni

Only be strong and very courageous

Joshua 1:7

I heard someone defining courage as taking an action without knowing what will be the outcome of it.
The Lord is asking us to be strong and very courageous in our walk with Him, to trust fully in His good plan for our lives.

In fact, in everything we do in life we are in need of courage. Especially when it relates to other people – we need courage to start a new job or finish well an old one; it takes courage to go back to school; it takes courage to get to know new people and show them the real you; it takes courage to start dating with the hope of marriage; and it even takes courage to bring children to the world.

What is it that we’re so afraid of?

Going out of our comfort zone?

Loosing control?

Not knowing what lies ahead?

For some people the new and the unknown is exciting, but personally it scares me. My mind starts to wonder what would happen, how would I react, would I be able to enjoy it, is it going to produce the outcome I was hoping for or not? And more.

One of the things I tend to do when all of these questions running in my head, is a small thought exercise. I ask myself a simple question like – what the worst that could happen? What if I would fail? These questions start to neutralize the fear. Because in the end of the day, I know for sure that God is with me wherever I go, and He promised me (and you) that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose (Rom. 8:28). So, here’s a different question to ask yourself while facing fear and when you’re in need of courage – am I loved by God, am I called according to His purpose? And if so, do I really believe God holds me, and will fulfil His word?

Actually, when we face fear it’s a great opportunity to grow in our faith and trust in God. A friend of mine described it by this picture – it’s like a man climbing a rock, when God telling him: “release your grip. I’m down here, and I will catch you!”

That’s exactly what God did with Joshua, He knew He was afraid and uncertain in his new position but He kept on calling him higher. Every time we’re called to face our fears it’s for a greater jump in our courage, our trust and our faith in God.

What is this thing you’re in need for courage today?

From what He is calling you to let go of your comfort and the securities of this world?
He is inviting you, and I, to a self-examination and to think if there are things you avoided doing because of fear?

Maybe you keep on giving excuses, why you shouldn’t do things because you’re not sure what would be the result?

Or maybe you still think your way is the only way to go?

In any case, God is inviting you to a higher walk with Him, He invites you to walk hand in hand with the creator and to trust He has your best interest in mind!

Hold on to courage, knowing no mater what happen, God is on your side, He is for you, not against you, He loves you and you are called according to His will and purpose.

Tal Haroni lives in Jerusalem, Israel.

Tal Haroni lives in Jerusalem, Israel. You can reach her at

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