Psalm 19

by Tamara Glasner

May the WORDS of my mouth and the THOUGHTS of my heart BE PLEASING to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

Psalm 19:14


My words! 

EVERY SINGLE WORD coming out of this mouth? My mouth. Wow.

I am on a quest to make every word count for good. That means I am going to need to speak a lot less. If every word I speak and every single thought I think is going to please the Lord, it’s going to take some effort on my part. 

It means in those hard moments…. I will need to take a moment to be quiet and NOT speak, rather than just blurt out what comes into my mind. It will mean I will need to take a few seconds before responding to ask the Lord for help with WHAT WORDS should be spoken and at WHAT TIME. 

“Joy comes to a man with the reply of his mouth. How good is a word at the right time!”

Proverb 15:23

The wise words, the kind words, the patient and thoughtful words… The words that do not break, but build, that are not hard, but tender, that are not mean, but kind. The words that restore moments, rather than destroy them. 

Words begin with our thoughts. It is no surprise that the psalmist cried out for his thoughts to please God, too. What goes on inside always makes its way out somehow. 


We have thousands of thoughts throughout the day and all of them are to please the Lord! Another WOW! 

I believe that we can change the course of our lives by agreeing to think the thoughts the Lord desires. This leaves very little room for thoughts of disgust, criticism, anger, jealousy, judgment, self pity, etc.  

Today, my husband Lawrence and I were having our morning coffee in bed as we do devo’s and worship before getting on with our day, and we were talking about allowing the Lord to surround our thoughts with His love! Our thoughts are important to the Lord. They can lead to goodness or they can bring separation and death. So today I choose to capture my thoughts and ask our wonderful Lord to lead my thoughts to Him in EVERY SINGLE situation. There is NO ROOM for ugly secret thoughts. Time is short. We only have a few years on this earth… We should spend them thinking thoughts permeated in the spirit and truth. From such thoughts come wise words that produce life. 

I’m not there yet… but I am getting better. Love does transform hearts, thoughts, and words. 

LOVE is a crazy, beautiful, powerful, gift from God our Father. He IS LOVE, and it is His desire we love well, everyone around us, with our thoughts and words! This may mean listening more and speaking less and discipling our minds to think the very best!

How else will we as believers in Yeshua make a real impact on the world we live in today? 

We are called to watch what we think and say and be people who others can depend on to not act like the world. Let’s get out there and get loving with our words and with our thoughts! With His help, you can do it, and so can I! 

Mama T

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